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Mikoapps Ltd. – Company Overview

• MikoApps Ltd. is a startup company specializing in real-money casino game development, in HTML5.
• Our focus is creating amazing action filled games that run smoothly on all platforms, including desktops, smart phones and tablets.
• Games feature dazzling 3D animations, seldom seen before in HTML5 games. These include realistic looking 3D slot shapes and a unique 3D animated host character to guide the player through the game. This is achieved thanks to a unique 3D graphics engine developed in house at MikoApps Ltd.
• Skilled based arcade games are hidden at various stages of the games. Players are rewarded according to their game results. Difficulty level may be adjusted according to operator requirements.
• The math models behind the games feature a unique multi-level gaming engine, turning the game into a kind of adventure or quest game, in which players progress game levels as they complete missions. Each level contains a distinct visual look and a different reward mechanism, the final level being an Eldorado level in which all spins are free. This keeps the games evolving, promoting player engagement.
• Games go live on Quickfire in April 2016.


MikoApps Limited is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 44497

why us?

Our HTML5 3D engine

Noticing that the quality of the animation of HTML5 games is on the whole relatively poor, we started out by developing a 3D animation engine for the HTML5 framework. We wanted to ensure that the game is as well suited to mobiles and tablets as it is for desktops.
Our 3D engine allows us to:
1. Provide 3D, arcade-style skill games as bonuses at various points in the game.
2. Provide rich 3D animated figures that host the player throughout the game.

Our Slots game design

Although basically a slots game, let's bear in mind that at present and for at least the next five years, casino operators will be looking for new slots content, as this is what their players demand. So turning this restriction into a launching point, we present significant innovations in the arena of slot games.
We give players the slot games that they want – but in new formats that are more engaging and have appeal for a younger generation of players who expect a computer game to be more than just a fruit machine. Hence we embed skilled arcade games. We also add an objective to the game in the form of multiple levels, giving the player incentives to keep on "playing 'til the end" where the big prizes are.

Skilled Games

Our games feature unique, arcade style, skilled games that appear at various stages. These games actually affect the player's RTP and give the players some control over an otherwise completely random game